After a good start at the beginning of the month, I ran into some rough waters near the end of the first week.  Thankfully the negative points in the 1500s and 1600s do not set one back too much for taking relatively good chances.  However as I resumed play, so did my style...once again.  I was playing other tournaments in parrallel with the PSO, so as to keep my mind off the time one really has to waste, to achieve ITM.  What proved to be the point, was never limp in on a monster hand.  Leaves the door wide open for the hand to be cracked. 

Case in point, Someone had AA and I had Q9 suited.  He limped in with AA, as he was SB and I was BB, so I checked.  Flop was J 8 4.  WIth a straight draw and no flush draw on the table for either one, I checked, after he did while he was trying to bait and trap.  Instead of raising considerably, he left the door open for me.  Turn came a Ten.  I had my str8, while he still had his AA.  So I bet double BB, while, he still thought he had the best hand.  So he comes over top of me with a reraise doubling my bet.  So I go all in, and he calls, only to be cracked as the river didn't do any one of us any good.

With a large enough chipstack, I would have at least tripled or quadrupled the BB, preflop, and then raised big on the flop, just to avoid the str8.  While I know some people will call anything and matter pre or post flop, I know that limping in (at least for me) has hurt me more than help me.  Now there are times I will limp in, but I've learned that it's not necessarily the best way to play, whether PSO or any other tourneys.

So if I bet, or raise preflop, it usually (not always) means I have something...but then again, don't most SKILLED players do that too anyways?  Probably a rhetorical question.

Last couple of days, I've been doing well, keeping my mind off the time to call, prolonging the play, while others get eliminated, by playing other tourneys simultaneously.  One thing is, don't be afraid to bet, I dont' mean go nuts, but don't be afraid to raise, just cause a jerk or chip bully or donk, raises rediculously, or goes all in on suited rags.  Make a note of those, and wait for a good hand, as I know most of you PSO pro's do anyways.