Ok so the last day in February didn't go as good as I hoped.  From my previous post anyone could tell, I shouldn't have played.  But I decided I wanted to climb and take a shot at the top 10.  So the 10am and 1pm I didn't do so well...and I knew I got negative points as half the field was still left when I was eliminated, which is the reverse of what I was hoping.  Instead of climbing, I was falling.  I fell out of the top 100.  So now I was in trouble of not finishing in the top 100.  The 3pm didn't help either.  I came close to positive points but that didn't occur either as I stretched it out as long as I could, but not too much negative (about -1.5 points).  Now I was in a bad place.

So I had to get ITM on the remaining 3 without goofing up.  The 5:30 came and I survived to ITM in there and got back nearly all the points I lost in the 1st 3.  That put me back in the top 100 again.  Then the debate came as to whether I should play the 8.  Feeling good about the recovery, I took my chances, knowing where the positive points mark was.  I survived til then so I barely got positive points, but that was good.  Then came the final 10pm one.  The last one of the month.  This could make or break someone and the top 10 really had a big shift because of the the last day.  Reality was I dunno why I played the last one of the day.  Mainly due to not knowing my ranking as the previous ones were incomplete.  I shouldn't have played...but I did.

I dont' regret it, I got ITM and knew I had gonna get into the top 25 and I DID!

That will be the last month for me though of playing so heavily.  I'm letting life pass me by just to earn points for a few dollars.  I will lay off of the PSO and limit it to 2 a day max now.

Its been great, see you guys at the tables.