So today is the last day of February (28th), and I'm debating whether to play or not.  I did manage to climb back into the top 100 (98) for a $50 dollar payout.  Currently before the 10 am PSO, I am at 52 or 1855.xx in points.  To fall out of the top 98, would be to currently drop 14 points assuming some will drop and others climb to improve ponts.  I imagine alot of border line people will play today just to the next cutoff payout.  I'd really like to climb into the top 10, but I'd have to have all the luck in the world for that to happen.

There are 6 PS0 games.  The goal is ITM always, but I've been aiming for positive points 1st which is about 23% of the field for me.  Boy is it nerve racking to figure out what you should do with a KK or AA early.  Anyways.  The best scenario (reasonable) is ITM all 6 PSO tourneys today.  That would give me enough to get tinto the top 10.  If I place iTM in the first two it whould propel me about 30 or so points.  Which should give me 1984+ or Top 20.  Then it gets tricky.  Points for ITM reduceds drastically after that.  Hoping for only 10 or so points for ITM finishes.  So I would essentially have to finish ITM for the remaining 4 PSO's for the day to get about 40 points which would get me 1920 or so.  Which as of this moment would put my projected score to 1920+ or enough for 2nd place.  Wouldn't that be nice.

I'm not buying that though.  All I know is, the better cards you get, the more dangerous it is to put others all in.  But the others would always call and hit it.  For example, AA or KK is a monster hand.  But if you have the donks that are 10k+ rankings who call with low pocket pairs, you know that they will hit their trips and you won't.  Sadly thats poker and we are destined to be donked wherever and whenever possible.

So do I play or let it go....hmmmm.