Some say that slow play eats up blinds and that it shouldn't be done.  I say phooey.  I placed higher playing slower and conservative than not slow playing.  Last few times, I've been donked yet again.  I had KJ, and the only ohter person in the hand had Q7 and he raised preflop to 300 from 50/100 blinds.  Flop came 3 4 K.  I was sure he didn't have a K or any other pair as his ranking was 10K+ AND I was watching his bets/raises with junk cards.  So I check knowing he would raise.  The idiot goes all in on nothing.  I was sure I had the best hand, so I call.  He gets a Q on the turn...which is fine.  Then he gets a 7 on the river.  All in on nothing and gets two pair to bounce me.  How is that justice???

Anyways, a string of bad luck has booted me from the top 100.  But I will be back there soon.