This is my second month on PSO League play.  December I started last 1/3 of the month so I didn't have much time to move up the rankings.  This month however I did take advantage of the opportunities of the whole month.  I'm however a little disappointed in a few things.

1.  The Whitestar designation should, in my opinion be waved if a player has made the required 20 FPP in the current month as well as the next month.  This would entice players to deposit (which is the goal of PS, I'd imagine).

2.  The time for make a bet needs to be reduced to lets say 10 seconds instead of what it is now to help speed up the tourney time.

A little advice to the serious PSO players if they haven't already done so.  Use the notes and the PSO Leaderboard rankings to setup a color coding of the people around your table.  It gives you a slight advantage as to which players are likely to fold and others call during the early-mid stages of the Tourney, by letting you know their rankings, which you color code to your designation.  So at least you'll know if a person cares about their ranking and plays real tight or a player with a 10000+ ranking just playing to get lucky in the cash payout.

I'll explain more at another time...