Yup that's correct ! Can you imagine playing your usual favorite pokerstars games , then selecting a 7$ spin and go , but then after you've lost probably about 30$ on your other favorite games , which has put you on a big tilt ! You hit a 175$ Prizepool ! You feel great don't you , you can virtually smell the possible virtual dollars ! Well let me BLOG this , that exact feelin happened to me I hit my first big spin and go and yes I was playing for 175$, but this is where it gets interesting 


My 175$ spin an go starts and first hand I am dealt AA pocket aces - I make a 3xBb bet and I am called by one caller . 

The flop comes K 10 2 rainbow so I'm excited and I bet another 3x bet 60 to be exact preflop an on the flop. 

I am called again and the turn is a Q . At that perticullar time I knew there was a possible straight on board , so I instantly WENT ALL IN .

I realized that I could easily lose to a straight if my oppenent had the cards to make a straight !


My oppenent made the call and we where ALL IN first hand .

Getting to the main part of my blog I was called with K7 yes KING SEVEN - before I could even get up off my couch to jump around and celebrate that I would have a dominating lead for the 175$ pokerstars software chose to favor his hand and dealt a 7 (seven) on the RIVER 


I LOST WITH AA  first hand agaisnt a rivered two pair - IT DESTROYED EVERYTHING I EVER BUILT and I've been super sour since .  Great blog I'm angry now