Everyday I wake up and I wish I was Phil Ivey. He is so smart and is my biggest icon . If everyone played poker like Phil Ivey everybody would be my icon ! Some people do not realize that Phil Ivey is my biggest icon, I will continue to spend countless dollars on pokerstars because I feel that with every dollar I play with I can be more like Phil Ivey . One day when I wake up and think about Phil Ivey he will be sitting with me eating breakfast. I bet Phil Ivey could beat me heads up while making us eggs and bacon.  Hopefully for me some day I will be like Phil Ivey so when we are eating breakfast I can push him all in and beat him like he would beat me . If I did Have a chance to beat Phil Ivey heads up at my table in my kitchen at breakfast time , I would definetly show him my cards and then take it easy on him durin our lunch poker game . Thank you for reading my blog I hope it's worth a Big Bang ticket because I'm really sick of depositing if I only knew how to properly manage a bankroll our play better i might be successful . p.s I don't really like Phil Ivey that much !