I really enjoyed listening to joe hachem's blog on pot limit omaha because joe is aussie, so am i, i would like to follow in his footsteps one day and become profittable. His video is great because he is slow in the way he explains his reasoning of hands he plays and explains why he doesn't play a lot of hands, even though he missed a couple of hands from talking. the 30 - 40 hands he played were some hands i wouldn't of played, but it just shows he is not scarred to play them, i sometimes think i need to be more aggresive in my approach. I like the way joe goes about his game of poker both on omaha and hold'em, slow and easy, not playing to many hands, but hitting hard the ones that have a chance. Even though he didn't make a profit, he still didn't lose. Omaha is a game i really like to play because there so much room to manuver and hit your cards, it's exciting and can make you a lot of money if you hit your hands, fulhouses, flushes. all your videos you put on are very insitfull and i enjoy watching them occasionally. Omaha is basically a double game of hold'em, if you can sit back and be patient enough you should be able to adapt the skills learnt playing this form of poker to your hold'em game