Deposit = $50 - Bankroll = $50




Start out with some cash games: 1c/2c

Called off this Bluff - Biggest Pot of the day. wControls=1&showLog=1&showActiveButtons=0&title_id =2&language=en&gameEntity=1&hash=8977C5CD8D

He was raising more than 70% preflop, with 75% c-bet

End = + $4.20


Played (3x) 5 card draw $1.50 6mx SNG 

Placed: 1st, 3rd and 1st

Unhappy about the 3rd place, Should have easily made the money, considering going for battle of the planets Mercury leader board.

End = + $5.80


Playing () 5 card draw $1.50 6mx SNG

Placed: 6th, 3rd

Not much to say, a little peeved about the 3rd, had to shove w/AA to big stack, Called down with AA and draw in his favour. Need to pick up my game if I want to compete for BOP SNG's

End = - $3


End Day, Bankroll = $57