Hi all,


I don´t know what I have done the Poker Gods but today is just horrible.

16,50 25k guaranteed, about 700 Playyers left and I raise three times the BB with KK on the Button. The SB re.raised to 6xBB and the BB called. I called to see a flop.

Flop came Ks, 10c and 2h.

SB moved all-in, BB moved all-in and I had to call...There was nothing out there that could beat me at that time.

SB showed : 10/2 and BB showed 99

Turn came 9

River 9 and I am out of the Event.

8,80 ( R ) just about 20 minutes ater the break I flopped top two pair to lose against runner runner for a flush.

It´s been like that in two more Tourneys and I am just sick of it. So I decided that I play the 1,00 rebuy ( 60k guaranteed ) and wow...what is that ??? There is everything but Poker going on.

KK all-in, called by four Players, no one had a pair or an Ace, only one guy was suited ( 4-9 ) but of course, against so many Players the Kings wouldn´t hold up.

So I made a rebuy to see my Ak busted by 4-7 off

That was it, I called it a night and play only my FPP Super Tuesday Satellite. Won the first three Rounds and Round 4 is taking place in a few minutes. Maybe I can make it to the Big one ?


Won Round four but busted in the 5th Round. Doubled up with J10 suited after an all-in at after the Flop with Top two Pair just to see me bust out in the next round. From the SB I moved all-in with AQ suited and ran into the BB´s Kings....Hit the Queen on the Flop but that didn´t help me

Hopefully you guys had more Luck today !!!