The Hot $ 11 - 25k guaranteed

 4872 entrants, I finished 1500th Place, playing one single Hand the entire Tourney. That was the one I went  all-in from the Button with 10/6 clubs because I didn´t have anything and I tried to make a steal but ran into Kings. I have been getting so horrible cards and once I had a playable hand, someone else raised or went all-in so I couldn´t play it.

The Hot $ 16,50 - 25k guaranteed

1684th after I called an all in from the SB while being in the BB with JJ but he had Aces and and I was screwed. At that time I had only 40% of the average and thought that it was a good time to get my money in.


I played a few other Events as well but no luck. Really, it was no fun