Two hours into the Sunday Storm I am at 24000 Chips / Place 1877 and Over 13 000 players left in the field. Going good thus far.





At the Sunday Million I am struggling like hell. Losing a monster Pot with QQ. I flopped a full house

Q44 but the opponent had pocket 4`s to beat my full and left me with 1920 chips after only 20 minutes of play. With one hour into t he Event I am now at 3520 chips, trying to make my way back in it.


Update on the Sunday Million...Out after roughly 1h30. Dealt A5 clubs in th SB and I am left with only 2700 chips, so I am raising to 600 and my opponent comes over the top. I thought about it a few seconds and made the call. All-in up against K2 off suit...Turn came up with a deuce and I was out of the Event.

That was a waste of time

 Sunday Storm out after a a misread by myself. Not sure why I made the call but I just did.

Well, I had pocket 7´s and the flop was K45 off suit...I bet 20% of my stack and the guy went all-in...I didn´t put him on the king so I made the call, assuming he was bluffing ánd he somehwat did, with the better pair I had...He showed my the Jacks and I went out just outside the money.


Well, wasn´t my night but overall I made a Profit of roughly $ 250 today, so I am happy about that.

Hopefully some of you did better in the big tourneys tonight !!!