PokerStars Tournament #801010077, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $3.00/$0.30 USD
4821 players
Total Prize Pool: $14463.00 USD
Tournament started 2013/04/21 7:00:00 CET [2013/04/21 1:00:00 ET]

Dear PeterKastner,

You finished the tournament in 332nd place. A USD 7.08 award has been credited to your Real Money account.


That Event was awesome. I must say it, even though I finished only 332nd.

At one Point I was down to 1/10 of the BB and after like a million double ups I finished to come back and made an ITM finish.

At the beginning I won a few smaller pots and had about 25% above average, then it hit me hard, losing AA v QQ and losing AK v A10. Which had put me in 881st Place with 881 Players remaining . Really, it was the chip and a chair situation we have all heard of. Somehow the Poker Gods decided to deal me some shitty Hands to win with ( 10/2 to win the first, 8/4 the second and 8/2 the third double up )

Making ITM after such an up and down Event was alright, sure I have hoped for a better finish but sometimes you must be happy with what you got.