I went ahead and put my PSO tournament ticket to good use and gave the PSO league a shot. It was sunday so that ment lots of opponents. Set some good traps, some bold moves with the obvious silly ones aswel. The bubble was aproaching and i had a pocket pair with M lower then 6 ( which i seemed to be most of the time one hour into the tournament) and the only person i was afraid of was the big blind who had me covered slightly. Well he had a better pocketpair and called me, costing me the bubble. But then again, we are not here to bubble, we are here to win so i am relatively happy with my 20 extra points to add to my 1500 starting rank.

More to come for sure, I didnt expect the tournament to have such a steep structure, I felt shortstacked all the time after a few levels. I guess this explains why I had to push all in so often during the core quiz. Unsure how this will affect my regular tournament game. Time will tell. You'll see me participating in some more before I make a final verdict, and hopefully I can climb up the ladder.