Hi everyone,

I found my old account here on PSO and I think I want to share my story with you.

If you will go back in my previous post from March ´13, you will see that I was taking part in Time vault challenge and playing Big Bang Tournament (for you who remember).

My bankroll was around 50 USD and that was the point when I returned to poker this year in june.

I played ZOOM mostly, then S&G´s. I wasnt bad, but I wasnt so good either, my bankroll was jumping up and then falling back to its original amount. 

Then, in October (this year), I lost practically all my bankroll within 3 weeks.I started to play Spin and go´s and I was doing pretty well. I earned more then 30 USD in first 3 days and my bankroll went up to 90 USD. But then the tide changed. I started to loose, I want able to win a single game.I ended up 2nd (mostly) or busted out by really weak hands by players who shoved preflop in luckily hit something on the river. It was caused by my bad play and once I dropped back to 50 USD I  gave up in this formatt.

I returned to ZOOM and S&G´s´, but I was loosing money. One day, I lost 5 times AA allin preflop. Couple times called by hands like 9 J offsuit, etc.I was upset and I used protective gaming option and I excluded myself from playing for couple of days. I thought it would help and maybe it dit. Every time I played I earned some money, but then I got couple of hits by unknown players (Russians and Ukrains) and at the end of the day, I was always couple bucks shorter.

I end up with my last 0,8 USD on my account, can, I dont want to play anything right now. 

I returned to study. I read all the articles here on PSO again, searched some promotions, trying to get some "free" money to play. Right now I´m competing in Open League and I am 411st right now, that will be 5 USD to my bankroll

I hope, that I will receive Premier league ticket for next month and that I will be able to finish on some paid place My target is TOP 80 (50 USD). If I will see, that I am capable of achieving this, I will deposit some money to make that 150 VPP´s.

So if you are interested, I would like to invite you to my way from 0 somewhere else