Hi guys.



I dont know how many of you read my last blog post, but some of you did. I was frustrated abou my progress and I took a break. But you cannot imagine, what happened after that . I felt like my favourite Rico from penguins of Madagascar: alway have the best hand and want to win, but not...until the end 

First: I earned about 3USD in couple of hands and then: BOOOM! I get busted! I lost my KK allin preflop and got called by (obviously very famous combo) K6 suited. Long story short: the guy hit trips and I lost about 1,5 USD. I get pi**ed and started to play really agressively. 

I lost about 13 USD within 2 hours.1/2 of my bankroll.I was desperate.I stopped playing and got drunk that night.

When I woke up the next day, I made the promise, that I will end with playing ZOOM and start to make money the old way - 9 plrs fullring. I already had Holdem Manager (just trial) and I started to collect some info about my opponents. It took me like 2 sessions to get familiar with all the statistics and get it set properly but after that it was amaizing.

I started to play more secure, looking at stealing stats of certain people earned me a lot of money. One of my sessions ended like this:


I like HM very much¨! But the best part was about to come....

I won a ticket for The Big Bang tournament.

I was really excited, it was nice opportunity to play with really good players and there were nice prizemoney as well. I got little scared when it started and there were more than 260 players. First hour was really hard. People were aggressive, players were dropping out very slowly and I was afraid, that I will just blind out. But I was dealt QQ, got 2 calls and there was Q on the flop. I shoved, got one caller and I had 4K in chips. I was on 7th place directly from the end of the peloton .

I was so happy, but in that moment my computer crashed!! It froze completelly and after restart it said something about damaged HDD and wanted to reinstal my OS! I almost got an heart attack!

When I realized, that I cannot fix it within 10 minutes I started my father PC and I had to download PS client and set it. I started to play on his computer. 

It took me like 1,5 hours to get fixed my computer, finally I realized, that it was HM what crashed and I had to uninstal it . I lost my whole database (I think), so I cant show you my most recent graphs.

I made it to the paid position after really tough bubble and I was hovering around place 40-48 with my 3K+ chips.have to tell you, that I was so angry, when I run with my AKo into shorstack´s 88. I hit A on flop, but he hit trips on turn.

I ended up on really nice 22nd place (last hand: JQs against AJo, we both hit J) and brought home really nice prize of 35USD. My bankroll was boosted and have more than 50 USD right now.I have to say that the last month was something like a ride on rollercoaster and I enjoyed it.

I want to say thanks to PSO people for getting that ticket and for making that tournament! It was really great chance to match my play with some trainers and other famous people from the pokerworld.

Hope we will see each other in next tournament