Hi guys, 

i just want to share my misery which follows me during whole february.  I started pretty good, played solid poker, I raised my balance to 35$, but then everything changed. I know, in poker there is always needed a little bit of LUCK, but what Im experiencing in last 2 weeks its just misery.  The headline is pretty accurate, I think. 

First, I dropped down to 25$, I said, sh*t happens, so I took few days off and went skiing. I returned as a new men and my bankroll was back at 35$ in two days. 

I said to myself, that I will rise my bankroll above 40$ before the end of the month, but it seems, that my LUCK is somewhere else again.

I dropped down again. 5 times in situations like this one 


But i find this OK, somebody is just having bigger LUCK than me. So what..

But it is nothing compared, what happened today: 

I had some really nice hands, where I earn some money, but then I lost a really huge pot in this hand:

I said: OK, it happens, but when this hand happened 5 hands later...

..I just get mad and I stopped all tables. I cant play like this, dont know what Im doing wrong (advices welcome in comments). If Im playing aggresively, there is always a guy behind me, who just flatcalls everything and at the end he just turn over aces, or he make a straight/flush on the river (last hand is pretty example of this).

Im getting be affraid to play any hand except of pocket Aces on BTN. Im going out for weekend, somewherem where is no Internet.

I hope, next week will be better..

Cheers and have more LUCK than me