Hi, because i want to be a part of time vault challenge, im need to lead this blog. I had a lot of stuff to do during January, so im writting this so late (thanks Raiser for reminding it


A little summary: As in my thread in forum, my goals for this year are:

1) build my bankroll to 500$. I started with initial 5 $ (left from my previous playing and bankroll builder promotion). 

My bankroll i currently 16.88$ and still climbing. Im playing .02 ZOOM, and thanks to very strict bankroll management, im able to do this rise. I stand up when I have more than 150% of my initial buyin.

2) Open league: I wasnt plying too much, because mostly I came to the PC and wanted to register to the tournament, it was already full. i made some nice places (131) and I ended on 1755 place. Im not playing as often as other guys to even think about TOP 500 position. It seems, that quantity is more than quality in this case (but its only my opinion, i simply cant afford to play 5 tournaments every day)

3) Improving my play: As mentioned above, I following strict bankroll management rules, I  also attended some online training with Chewie I posted some hands in my forum thread (expecially that AA vs T 3 suckout

What I realized, that many people playing zoom are trying to steal the pots with excessive agresivity. They are raising even if they dont have even a pair.. Im making notes about this people and my table starts looking like a rainbow

My plan in february is to go skiing, I will not have much time to play, but occasionally i will be plaing. This will be a slow month. After that, I want to get trial of HEM 2 on march and collect as much info about my opponents as possible.

See you guys.