Hi, my nickname is perhalik. Im 27y old guy from Czech Republic. I returned to play poker after 2 years. First, I deposit 20 USD, but i lost it within a day. I didnt get it, I was doing exactly the same thing as before, but I was always losing against players with weaker hands.


Then I find this website, I enrolled in Bankroll Builder and I get my first 2 USD to try it again. As you may think, I lost it again. A guy with flush took my money. 

After that it took me 5 days do pass cash game quiz to get another 2 USD to play. I didnt have much time to read the lessons carefully, so I failed it 4 times. 5th attempt was succesfull and i got another money to play with. 

I started with another attitude and I raised a couple of rules which I follow. And surprise! Since then I lost my buyin just once (against a guy with quads). I am winning, my bankroll is growing and in 10 days I made it from initial 2 USD to 21 USD today.  I have to tell you, that most of the money i made in last 3 days, when I can play multiple tables.

And what is my recipe for succes? 

1) Play safe: when I sit to a table, i just watch the others during the first orbit. Who´s loose, who´s aggressive. These information are usually crucial. Tight players call only when they are sure they are going to win and reraise from them is usually a stop sign for my following action

2) Bankroll management rules: always sit with 100 BB. At the beginning (first 2 USD) i sat down only with half (50 BB = 1 USD). I played so called short stack strategy. This contains very tight  play and many times I folded AK when the flop didnt went well for me. 

3) Dont be greedy: This rule goes along with previous rule. When I reach certain amount, I leave the table. Usually when I win 25% of my buyin. So i leave with 1,25 USD, now, when I´m playing with full (100BB) buyin, i stand up, when 2,5 USD is reached. Its better to deposit this money and play your way, than losing it by trying to push your limits. Its better to leave the table when you see that players are leaving. Dont be the last man. Use Sit out next BB button, its usefull tool. Both in the case you have earned more than 25% of your buyin or when there is less than 7 player by the table.

4) Be careful: Playing micro stakes is always tricky. For fresh players, who just deposit their 50 or more USD, 2 USD is nothing. They play a lot of hands, sometimes they hit a flop and hey win. In that case you have to do a lot of thinking about what they can be holding and what hands can beat you.  If you hold nuts,  its easy, just take as much money as you can from them. Othervise:  for example: if Im playing against one player whos always calling and I dont have nuts (but hand like 2 pairs, top pair), I dont bet on the river. If I hold better hand, I usually win around 0,4 USD from previous bets, If I dont have better hand, I dont lose another 0,2 USD (that would be my bet on river = at least one half of the pot). 


These are the basics of my play. So far, Im succesful and Im making my way up. Today I´m playing 3 tables at the time, or 2 + watching my favourite serie. If you want to ask me something, feel free to do so in comments.