I have to say, I have followed my first live training session today. I was really impressed at how much I could learn simply by watching a guy play and comment his play.

PSO-xflixx did an amazing job in this training about Starting hands selection ( ZOOM ).

The fact I can watch a professionnal play poker live, while giving out his opinion is something I am very grateful to get to do.

Even tho the session was only about starting hands, I feel that simply watching him has given me some help with my post-flop play as well simply for seeing how he dealt with hands such as 99 with an overcard on the flop.

His opening bet sizes are also something I will try and implemen to my game. Betting 20% less while in the cutoff with marginal hands will without a doubt save me money in the long run.


All and all, Thank you PSO-xflixx for the lesson, Lots has been learned !