Now, I have been trying to work on my game as best as I could, and have been noticing some of my strong points, as well as MANY weak points in my plays. As of now, here is what ( I believe ) I do good in my games :



Exploit my good hands to their full potential.
Calculate outs and odds very quickly.
Stealing blinds in late stages.
Playing according to my position at the table.

Now, Moving onto the many flaws in my game :

Bankroll Management. ( I always find myself jumping into something too big eventually )
Dealing with Middle pairs/Suited connectors/ Suited A-Low ( Both Pre and Post Flop )
All of the EV stuff. ( Can’t get it into my head to understand it properly )
Getting deep ( I have a somewhat decent ITM%, however, only once in a while will I make it really deep into a MTT, main reason seems to be I am always short stacked reaching the bubble )
Ranges ( I cannot seem to put a proper range on my opponents )
Taking Notes ( Most of my notes consists of players against whom I suffered a Bad Beat and the notes usually look like : Shoved A-4o Pre Flop UTG+1 80% Field left, which gives me no insight what so ever when I meet that player again at a table.
And more…

Now, I know some of them points, I should be able to correct easily, BRM for an example, should be an easy fix. Set a Limit, and NOT go above it for whatever possible reason. The EV Calculations, is rather simple mathematics, therefore, I believe that simply reading into the subject some more would drastically help my knowledge of it. As for notes, I guess it is a personal thing for each and every one of us to write what helps us. There are probably not two of us that write them the same way, however, I would be really interested into some insight on how others do it.

Hence, this leaves me with 3 major points I want to work on. Which are somewhat all related to each other: Dealing with tricky hands (Middle Pairs/Suited Connectors/Suited A-Low) While learning to deal with these, I will inevitably need to learn how to deal with ranging my opponent’s hands, which will also (If all learned properly) lead into going deeper into tournaments.

I believe most players now a days use HUD’s , I have tried getting some, and whichever I got, I never managed to get them running right ( They would not line up with the tables, the stats would not be associated with the right players, etc, etc…) So I eventually gave up on them, but am not completely removing them from the solution if I could find someone to give me a hand setting one up properly one of these days. Now, about HUD’s, considering I never managed to get one running properly, what exactly are the major benefits of one ? What very useful stats can be found on one? Do they really let you see mucked cards? Etc… Any more information or help on them would be greatly appreciated.

Another thing I would like to get better at is 3-4bets, when to do it? When to let it go? Etc, but that part I will learn as I play and post hands up for analysis I guess. One thing I started doing lately is posting all the hands which I am not sure I played properly up on BOOM, therefore, I can get to review them and see where/if/how I screwed it up.

Now, I know there is probably a lot more than what I have mentioned on here that needs to be adjusted in my game, however, these are the things I noticed on my own while playing. If anyone has any insight on other stuff that they think I should look into, or study, please feel free to share. I am also open to book / articles if someone has some to recommend.

As for my stats so far, they are quite simply horrible, with a few really good finished, many horrible finishes, and others, but considering I am here to see if anyone has any pointers for a player like me, I believe I need to share my stats ( At least the ones I have collected ) in order to get some proper opinions and transparency.

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