I joined the pokerschool on November 24th 2012, the day after I cashed in the open league. Yeah, it was the triggering event to look up the school and what it was all about. The next six days was all about making top 2000 so I could cash, and I did in 1718th place. December's goal was to Q for the Premier League. By now I had "figured out" the Open League and finished 525th place after playing only 18 days of the month. A 3 week vacation in the Philippines with a very sub-par internet connection almost cost me the ticket, but the night before the first Premier tournament I received it.

On the Premier League:

It's been a few days into the Premier League and I think I have it nailed down. As most players just promoted from the Open League I took a few hard beatings in the first few tournaments. Mistakes are punished a lot harder in this league and the scoring is also a lot more brutal. My goal for January is to re-qualify for the Premier League and move up to 150+ VPP to maximize the payback from  the league. Achieving this will be done through $1.50 Single Table SnG which is building my bankroll at the same time as it's earning me the points. So far I can only run 2 tables at once, but I will continue to push my capability to multi-table and hopefully make 3 soon. Back in the good old days of 2007 I did 4 tables, but the stress of keeping that up will take away the fun of playing so I won't be heading back there. No need to push another break from the game like the 2008-2012 break I just came back from.