At this moment I have 2,62$ in my account. Using this money at two FL tables per time I will try to reach at least 300 BB for my next limit from 0.02/0.04$ to 0.05/0.10 $ using starting hands chart from pokerstrategy http://www.******************/download/content/shc_fl_en.pdf especialy for Fixed Limit. I chose FX limit game because it is more mechanical game than NL. For beginer like me with no judgment and understanding all concepts of the game mechanicaly clear choises should lead out of micros. Also I'll take part in PSO tournaments for this moment I am 999 By nick Pelle 252.

My game type for this time is total rock. Harington in his book says that this is probably the best style for micro stakes players.

So Let's Rock

And let's see, can grey mouse from nowhere make it big?

And last but not the least you can support me here and get http://www.******************/?referrer=pppppp555555  50$ for that to your bankroll

next update for my win/loss tomorow don't critcise me don,t folow me this reading will be important only I after time when I will make serious money.