So after so many play money games, good promotions here on PSO, tons of videos both live games and training sesions I am hooked on poker, love to watch live coverage of ept done by Stapes and Hartigan and of course in love with Olivia  please don't tell her that.


Open skill league is allways full  so finally the day has come: MY VERY FIRST DEPOSIT to PS 

I know that I am not good, I don't have high expectation but I wanna play and compete...

So I play for tree day now and I AM SHAKING from ADRENALINE... how is it possible I play lowest stakes? IT IS SO GOOD! I don't want it to stop ever...  seen so much good action last couple of days, my pocket JJ with a J on flop got crushed by royal flush on turn when all money got in, run into a quads with nut flush and many more... I got some good hands too don't get me wrong and I'm not broke yet I am actually still even.

So will this rush last? I don't want to become imune to it... it sound crazy I know, every good poker player is steady calm and stuff... BUT I LIKE IT LIKE THIS. I don't have to do some crazy stuff that can lead to hurt myself, don't have to use drugs or do thing that can get me in jail... I just play poker on micro stakes and feel so alive, swearing, fist pumping, jumping off my chair while adrenalin pumps thru my heart.

So that's all from me for the first time

pardon my English please