This serie of Videos are Great because, first at all, it was made by one of my favorite player Grayson 'spacegravy' Physioc.

I watch all his series of videos about the sit and go´s strategy and the way he explain, step by step, what we are supposed to do on every stage of the sit and go´s single table give me all information that I need to crush the micro games and start building a solid bank and move up for a few limits, by now.

My big hope is, one day, can reach the higher buy in´s level and play against him.

My advice for everyone who want to take this game seriously and want to play to win is to do not fold the opportunity to learn with this series and start to practice all the concepts that are explained there.

With the right strategy and a good bankroll management this type of games can became a very solid font of income and, who knows, with a little piece of luck, become our full time job … but the way is hard and we need to work hard to get there!

I will keep watching all videos available on Poker School Online and grinding this game that I love to play and one day ... just remember my nick name people