OK so i'm trying to teach myself some good habits by doing a shed load of studying whilst also trying to play poker on a regular basis. Have played off and on for about two years, and to be honest i haven't learnt very much! Immediately after reading a training book my play tends to pick up, but slowly drop back down again soon after. I want to play pretty low stakes, and part of my aim at the moment is to create a bit of a bankroll via freerolls and micro tournaments, plus a few double or nothings. Does anyone out there have any recommendations for someone looking to build a bankroll from nothing? Or for someone looking to find the most successful route to success when playing for low stakes NLHE? Currently playing a $0.25 game right now, was 3rd, now very much not 3rd! Damn flush draw! If anyone out there wants to start up a regular discussion or to get some friendly rivallry going , then give me a shout!