Well. I found out you cannot put graphics in a blog. So I will place this blog with graphics in the forum.

This is my attempt at a light hearted blog.

My focus is on getting School Pass tickets. I usually see blogs about losses and gains. This is important, but getting Poker School Pass tickets (now referred to as PSPT) is a different game. And now an important one to me.
For the last 2 months I have concientiously been collecting PSPTs.
I now have 126 PSPT. Here is the proof.


Can anyone match this.
Just leave your comments below.
You may wonder that I dont use the PSPT. I do. I have used 12 PSPT since July 1 2015.
There is an expiry date to the passes. 3 months.
I have to use a pass a day, or more, to avoid the expiry of a pass.
Well, back to earning more PSPT.
Today, I earned  a -played by the pro- PSPT.
And, I`ll give the School Pass Poker Mission a go. Thanks to royalraise I only have to get JJ to get a PSPT. A maximum of five is possible.
In case you are wondering, no I am not cash poor. I just cannt make it as a winner  in cash games or tournaments. So, why not give the PSPT a try, I say.
Heres my cash balance:

So far this month: I have won a $3.30 ticket in a School Pass Event.
                   and, I have had 67 PSPTs added to my account.
Now, its time for the JJ game.
Hope you liked my blog .. till next time.