Hi everyone! Its been quite a while since I have had time to blog! Very busy times led to very sad times of not being able to play fully and then I had some very good times! 

I have had my first child he was born christmas eve if anyone is interested in it lol 


Anyways im not writing to talk about that I am here to talk poker! 

I have been playing off and on since my last update, mostly just for fun so not really focusing on deep runs and big wins. But I have had a lot of good luck. there is times when Ive won a few games, or had a deep runs in tournaments. 

I have also played a lot of that money away by getting clever and cocky and thinking I am better then I actually am. 

I was playing a game earlier this week and a guy on it kept shouting in the chatbox about everyone on the table being fish. And it really got me thinking about how I have been playing lately. And I did think to myself, I am a good player! And Im not being big headed or egotistical, I am a good player, 9/10 times I know when Im beat or if Im ahead. Its my own stupid mistakes of thinking "but what if" or feeling pot commited when I can easily lay a hand down and cut my losses. Another issue is curiosity, wanting to know if I'm calling my opponents hand correctly. This ultimately gets me knocked out more times then what its worth. 


All in all, I know I have a lot of potentional in the game, but I also have a long way to go, especially in key places such as Bankroll management, I know what I want to do with my management of bankoll, I just need to stick to it, And the other issues that I need to address that I have mentioned above ^

So, Bankrollmanagement plan is as follows: 

No stupid gambling! (spin and goes and casino!) 

I will not play a game (tournament or sit and go) that is worth more then 1% of my bankroll. 

I will not put more then 10% of my bankroll into a cash game. And I will play low as possible stakes. 

This next months Targets:

I hope to make it into the top 2000 of the open skill leauge.

Maintain chromestar VIP hopefully make it to silverstar

Build my bankroll to $100 currently $7.62 (without depositing)

Attend as many classes as possible (Im hoping they are still running I havent checked lol)

I may end up adding more but I need to shoot offline shortly little one needs me lol. 

I hope everyone is having good runs, and much luck! see you at the tables!