Hi guys, 

again I am really late posting this and thats because I had to take a break from playing and writing. A couple of weeks ago I started playing some spin and gos and I started winning. Then it all started going down hill I had $85 after a I won a spin and go for $75 I then got hooked and kept thinking I could spin it up even more and I kept losing, at this point I got panicky and worried that I had lost so much so I kept depositing and started winning then losing again, before I knew it I had gone through over a hundred dollars. It was money that I couldnt have really afforded to of spent and I came clean with my partner who advised having a cool down period. So that brings me to now I am limiting my play as at the moment I can't afford to making mistakes like this again. Thankfully I know why I did what I did and I will not be repeating it. 

I have set a deposit limit on my account so that I don't get in over my head again, I know the amounts don't seem like a lot of money but right  now to me it is a lot and I know I won't be doing it again, 

Now on to the positives because of the amount of money I went through I am now a silverstar so thats a good thing that came from it! 


I still haven't made it into the premier skill leauge yet but I'm hoping this month might be my month I know I seem it repeating myself with this but I am determined! 

I have some targets for the next few weeks including: 

- get into the premier leauge! 

- start a good bankroll currently its at zero! But I will be depositing later to try and get going. 

- Start grinding more I tend to play a lot of tournament as I feel like I play better in them over cash games but I feel like I need to work on my cash games more. 


Anyways thats all I have for now, good luck at the tables. 


Jane as always Lilly-anna my lucky kitten ^.^