Hi guys!
I realise this is a really late post and I'd like to apologise for that I have been going through a really bad time at the moment and haven't been playing anywhere near as much as I should be, I recently lost a family member who I was very close to and it's really shook me up quite badly but I'm hoping things may take a turning point from now. I'm starting to  become closer to breaking even with my bankroll, and I feel a real improvement in my game for all I haven't been playing or studying.

So I haven't really got much in the way of interesting things to talk about to be honest! I've finally got my finances in good order so I can start making regular deposits and I'm going to spin it up slowly if I lose my bankroll this week I'm going to stop when I hit a dollar and If I make nothing more until next pay day my money will spin up that way when I deposit and I'll do the same again except with 2 dollars next week, I hope that makes sense it does to me!!

I had a very awesome chip n a chair moment a couple of weeks ago, I was playing some spin and goes and I went down to $10 in chips and managed to go on to win the tournament a huge achievement for me! Only problem is I can't remember how much the win was for I need to look through my histories and find out!
And my cat was next to me that night!

I've been trying really hard to disconnect myself emotionally from the game but I don't think I ever will when I'm playing I'm a passionate person and I'm emotional, I just can't change that about myself so I'm just going to focus on disconnecting my surrounding circumstances to the game which is a huge problem for me. As soon as I get angry I tilt, but I will conquer this!

I received an email a couple of days ago I have won a ticket into the the Big Bang tournament I can't believe it! It was for my previous blog post I got a stamp! I'm still in shock and I'm really looking forward to the tournament I really want to do well in it

I think that is all for now as always good luck on the felts!
Jane and Lilly-Anna