Hi guys I am really late of posting this been quite ill the past few days struggling with insomnia and cats driving me insane, but I have still been grinding and playing, 

The positives: 

A few days ago I had a really good run in the 100k Priv freeroll (see my prev post for full details.) 

I have been studying ALOT! I recently got the Harrington On Holdem series and I love it! The little quizes are awesome the entire book is just so helpul so if any beginners are reading my blog get these books! I have drove my other half insane getting him to quiz me! Such a geek hehe! And hes read the books and i keep going ooooh look at this and hes always like yes yes i know and Im like but look! 

I have managed to deposit this week so I once again have a bankroll whooo, I also took advantage of the Spin and Go deposit bonus. Awesome bonus five free spin and go tickets and I won ......*drum roll.....* 0 >.< yep i did terrible! each time was a coin flip! 

But last night I decided to attempt grinding a 6max 2NL ring game and I did really well I put 100BB on the table and left with 325BB I was so proud of myself I was up to over 500BB at some points but I lost a lot of it due to my own cockiness. 

I have been quite up and down with my play and feel a lot of improvements have been made to my game. 


The Negatives 

I lost all my bankroll....3 times .....really bad but now It is on the up and up. 

I have made a lot of mistakes but now I know what them mistakes are and I am working on fixing them. 

I have been getting really annoyed with the lower stakes MTTS and sit and goes I decided to try and move up a bit.....it did not end well I lost  a high amount of my bankroll this way. So I have made a huge achievement in my eyes I turned to my partner and said .."I am not ready for higher stakes" So I am not going any higher then fifty cents games and 2NL in cash games. 

So the title of this post is kind of a twist on the song,  and the dish I mean we already have the chips! Its because I have a new little gimmick I am finding the fish on tables I am playing (mainly the cash games) and tagging them fish of the day. The meaning of whoever I am winning the most cash out of. Its came ater earlier today I was playing one person and they were making mistake after mistake. 

Aims and Targets: 

Get into the Premier leauge 

Stop calling hands I know I am beat on! (big issue!) 

Improve my own game by studying more

Attend all training sessions

Build my bankroll will be a big bonus! 

Oh and complete my Ultimate challenge ...10vpps to go over ten more days! I did 20 so far today so it shouldnt be too difficult! 


As always good luck! 


and lilly-anna (the lucky kitten!) =)