So it's 6.20am, insomnia is a cruel mistress so is the 100k priv freeroll!

Variance has killed me the past couple of days and my bank roll went down to 0.01cents hehe! So I've been grinding freerolls to try and get it back up and we'll I suck! I've tried changing my playing style that didn't work so I took a break, my scores in PSO sucks now I'm still in the top and will get a little bit of cash but not much! It's now a target to get into the Premier leauge next month! 


This is post ain't really going to be very long as I am really tired and need at least an hours sleep! But I played the priv 100k freeroll at 2.00am GMT and I just got knocked out! I finished in 17th out of 9710 players, I cashed for $3.84 so now time for sleep and I will continue the grind tomorrow! Will probably post some tough decisions when I get up for now goodnight all and good luck on the felts! 


Much love!