Ok nothings getting bigger....except maybe my waistline but thats just the winter it always grows and will shrink in the summer! Anywho back to poker! I have had a really werid week again, deposited another £10 (about $14) and well lets just say it hasn't gone well, I am currently down to 0.51cents and have decided no more deposits for at least a week until i break even again I need to become stricter with my bankroll. And I have written out and set myself ground rules. And I am going to stick to them! 

Before I get to that lets have an overview of my last few days. 

Firstly the rant! 

I was playing the 100k Priv this morning (I would say last night but not sleeping again so it was technically just one big blur to me but lack of sleep surprising doesnt really affect me too badly I'm a insomniac so yeah. So anyways we were about 300 players left to the bubble and I was playing some pretty good players and was about 25 maybe 30 BB deep so not bad for this point of the tournament. And I swear AAs are a CURSE. I was under the gun got dealt AA pretty happy with myself about that! So I made a raise about 3BB and the BB calls everyone else had folded round. This guy was quite TAG he didn't flat call often and I hadn't seen him defend his blinds lightly so I though well he must have something here. The flop came down 9 Q 4 rainbow So as you can imagine I thought well at the present Im ahead. So I bet about 1/2 the pot and he called, at this point I was thinking ok maybe he has AK or AQ the turn comes a K I completely disregard the straight draw as I didn't see him playing JT like that when he had played so tight. He then bet into me .....I re-raised all in thinking he may have been putting out a semi-bluff Yeah I was so wrong he called and turned over JT off. So yeah AAs my curse, by far but it happens they aint invincible! 

So now onto the games. 

Cash Games/Zoom 

Very very bad at this! I have lost $12 this week in cash and zoom games I don't know why but I seem to really suck at them! I have adjusted my attitude to them and treat the money on the tournament not as money but as a buy in and I still suck but nevermind just gonna keep watching videos and reading about them til I get good enough to play! I am also registered to watch Felixes sessions on Zoom and I cant wait! I do really enjoy playing zoom I just don't seem to do good at it! Although some of the money lost today wasn't my fault! I asked my partner to watch my hands for a minute when I went to go pull a pig out the oven ..... he lost all my money on the table I was gone like 2 minutes! (Next time he pulls the pig!) 


Sit and Gos 

I love sit and go's they are definately one of my prefered games I love the fact that the fields are well varied and that its not a specific starting time. I also love the games just in general and I do think I play them well, I get deep runs and can normally get quite far into the cash ...some of the time variance is a killer! But I am really working on my games and am hoping to get better and better at it. 



Like sit and go's I love tournaments just the feel of them and the satisfaction of having deep runs I can sit for hours playing tournaments, I do think my tournament skills are getting better, as is shown by my PSO score I am currently ranked 987 in the leauge and I am having consistent deep runs I am now aiming to score high enough to get into the premier leaugue hopefully I will get there!

My new goals and targets 

Make my 0.51cents into $50 in the next 2-3 weeks 

I am not going to spend more 0.55cents in a tournament or sit and go in any one game. 

I am not going to play cash games/zoom games until I have $25 in my bankroll and at that point I will only play 2NL until my bankroll reaches $50 

Reach the Premier leauge 

Read the Harrington on Holdem series


well I think thats it for now til next time good luck at the tables