Hi all! 


Thank you for all the feedback I have been getting its been helping a lot. This week has been really bad for me due to some personal issues I wont go into them dont worry! This blogs all about the poker! 


So the start of this week was a little werid all I could do was freeroll it so I was kind of stuck! (Hate the days leading up to payday!) But I was having good deep runs especially in the PSO my leauge ranking has shot right up and my stats are looking a lot better. Still working really hard on improving my game. I  looked up the cephius project my partner told me about. If you don't know what it is its basically a poker computer that is apparently unbeatable and can be found at the alberta university website. I Played it a few times inbetween freerolls and studying and I found it interesting. It is limit holdem so its a lot different to play and I realized very quickly its only unbeatable because it very rarely folds! its unbelievable honestly! I remember thinking god any one can win long term if they play every hand preflop! It makes so it has no skill! The computer treats it as play all preflop and it just doesnt work that way! 

Rant on Cephius over! 

So my week was starting okay then on tuesday night my lucky cat (if you don't get that check out my lucky charms post!) came in very handy. I had an excellant run in PSO I was overjoyed, I did end up sitting out for ten minutes because I needed to pop out to get some milk at like 12.30am GMT! I was not drinking black coffee and tea lol! I felt horrible but i needed it so couldn't be helped! 

Everyone loves milk! Anyways back to poker so the tournament was down to around 300 players when I nipped to the shop (I live next to a 24hour garage very handy!) when I got back there was around 180 players left. I played a slightly wider range when in position I try to stick to mostly top ten hands with a few variants when in position. But seeing as I had a fairly large stack cant remember exactly how much but around 30-40BB which was good for me! Hell getting that far down was a massive achievement for me! So I carried on playing and I managed to keep up my winning streak, I had a hot streak of cards and accumulated a very large stack! I couldn't believe it before I knew it I had cashed! Top 100 in PSO I was shocked I have been getting better at surviving the field but but managing to getting into the top 1per cent I was jumping for joy! I decided to really target that final table and tightened my range. I got down to 24th I think it was about that it was somewhere in the 20s! Well the guy that was next to me was playing a really wide range and he had a really big stack and I got A7 in late position I raised and he called, On the flop I hit top 2 pair with As and 7s no flush or straight draws so I moved all in and the villian yep he called he had AQ then the turn came a 9 I think then the river......yep a queen lol. So I was knocked out. Next time I wont move all in on him lol, either way he had the better hand preflop so I wasn't too bothered by it. I had got right down in the tournament I was really proud of myself! 


I deposited $14.00 (£10.00 to me technically) and I didn't really play much more that night so I left it til Wednesday, and well thats where things went a bit tits up, some problems at home led to me tilting really badly, I was already having a really bad day on poker and had lost nearly $6 on cash games I know that doesnt sound like much but its a lot to me! I did poorly in PSO and then tilted the rest of my cash trying to SAT into the TCOOP events really stupiidly. But I learnt my lesson! My partner keeps an eye on me most of the time to help me with my bankroll management and he was far from happy to see me tilting! But Im starting to rebuild my bankroll now building it from $0.28cents to infinity! I will deposit again when I get paid next week, but til then sticking to the freerolls til I get enough to play some decent sit and gos again. 

So following the advice of trainers and other people I have downloaded the trial for PokerTracker and I've decided I'm going to buy it when my trial runs out, it has definately helped my game big style! I would definately recommend it to others! I am also saving for a decent odds calculator, any suggestions on a good one would be highly appreicated!.


So I have decided to set myself some personal targets for the next month: 

-Reach $100 in my bankroll (I know it doesn't seem like much but still learning!) 

-Final table a large field tournament such as the 100k freeroll or the PSO 

-Redo all the poker quiz courses on here

-Find a copy of Harrington on Holdem (preferbly in a store....I hate internet shopping ....a rant about which can be found on youtube! PM me for the link if you want to see!) 

Well I think that is a about it for now, oh I have survived quite deep in the 100k freeroll currently 1300 people to go and I have 71BB! Might make that final table quickly And I also had a really good run in PSO 6.00PM GMT I finished in the 200s, Had AA got knocked out by a straight

Well thats it I think this post is a bit long lol! Sorry if its bored you to death! 


Good luck on the felts all!