So my pastfew days have been really werid very up and down I'm having really deep runs in my freerolls  try and get some cash then busting near the bubble!Veryfrustrating but just gotta keep grinding! 


So I have been watching the old training sessions on here on hand reading,c-betting etc all I can really, as well as attending all the training sessions I can and I do reallyfeel that my game is improving. My runs are deinately getting better and I am winning more in winning pots and losing less when Im losing pots. I'm waiting on some books arriving on to read up more on poker, til then I am still reading through as much as I canfind online. I have signed up to more orums and am studying my hand histories to see where I can improve.


So I haven't won any cash so farthis weekend still trying! But I did win 2 tickets to the WR2 and on satrday I had a really deep run but unfrtunately busted near the bubble. I played tonight PLOH/L and i Went out quite early, I hit a nut straight on theflop got bet at i raised he reraised put 3/4 ofmy stack in then they hit aflush on the river. Damn rivers! but I just took it as an unlucky hand, At the same time I was playing the PSO and I was doing great! from the first hand i was dealt i had a really good run. I picked up lots of pots and my stack soon piled up. I tryed to mix up my game and played a little Lag getting in a few pots that I wouldnt normally play eg Q8s trying to pick up two pair etc. it did work well and a lot of people did fall for this when I had stronger hands KKs AAs etc they thought I had weak holdings. Alll in all i did really well in this tournament I wasn't playing wildly playing any hand I wasn't really bluffing much either I did when i was deeper to try and pick up the blinds but I played quite honestly. 

I finished the tournment in around 160th roughly and for all I didn't cash in the tournament I was really pleased with my finishing position I feel like I did quite well. I had a hot streak on cards up until about 400 players left. my hands did dry up a bit then and I had tightened my range quite a bit. I slowly blinded and anteed down unfortunately and just didn't do as well. But I'm staying positive on it all, I am playing PSO again now and I'm doing okay! Im definately pleased with my performance today so far! 

A major suck out hand today 

Im in middle position 20BB

Villian SB 30BB

I get dealt 33 So I raise 3BB he calls 

flop comes down 9 6 2 rainbow

he half pot bets i reraise all-in he calls. 

He has 2-2 


Oh I was horriified >,> but it happens was a major suck out but nothing i can do thankfully it was a freeroll so I didn't really lose anything on it but still!


Well thats about it for now Good luck thanks for reading and see you all at the tables!


Have a good luck cat!! ^.^