No not he cereal but how good are lucky charms?! Nom! 





Anyways ya when I've been watching show like the EPT the WSOP etc I've notices players have cjarms at the tables things like maybe a lucky chip or a counter or a letting or photograph or something,

, so I have a question well 2 really firstly what's everyone's lucky charm and 2 what's the strangest thing anyone has seen at be tables? 


I havent played ages live poker in a long time and normally it's been home games with friends so it's not really been a place to see strange charms, but since playing online I've noticed my luck change slightly as  have my own charm, I'm not sure i would be allowd this in the casinos or at. Live tournament though! 


I was trying to up load a picture but my phones being dicky anyways my good luck charm is my cat! Since she was a kitten she's had a habit of lying across my breasts and now sea a bit big for it so she lies right across my full abdomen and well I've notices everytime she does I seem to get a hot streak of cards! So I have a literal good luck cat!!!

i got the problem sorted on my phone heres my good luck cat!