The past couple of days have been a boy strange for me, very up and down for my poker games really having lucky streaks and unlucky streaks. I didn't get everything tracked like I wanted but I'm trying still. 


I managed to win $1 on a freeroll I played in so I have been playing some sit and go games, I have decided to stick some set guidelines for myself when I get my bankro started mainly being: 

-no depositing more then $10 a week

- not playing any games higher then 0.10cents until I have at least $25 then moving up to 0.25cents and so on I think you get the jist! 

So I have $1 and have been playing 10cent games and I have been doing terrible, I think lack of sleep and concentration is a lot toblame to be honest that plus some bad luck but I'm getting there. I'm making a deposit tomorrow so will hopefully make some cash back then, will post again soon I'm too tired to carry on!