I have been trying to pass the Sit and Go course quiz for a couple weeks now without much success.  Hell, best I have done is 67%.  In time between being able to test again, I have participated in many Sit and Go  tourney's (freerolls of course).  Off the top of my head I have won at least six of them.  Though I think the strategies are sound, I believe the quiz itself is a bit skewed and somewhat flawed.  I plan on playing more SnG's and documenting my successes or failures in the future.

Tourney 377128063:  Finished 5th, had a pocket AA got beat by a Q hight flush.

Tourney 377142550:  Finished 2nd.  Took a bit to get rid of the squatters (People that just join then sit out and don't play a single hand as I like to call them.)  Didn't really benefit from the SnG course from this one as everyone played too loose and my chips were down from the start.