I started out playing 2 Tourny's - Daily $90K sat Freeroll. 284568440 - $3.30 NLHE. 284561425 In the freefoll, 36651 people. I went out in 3977th. I was doing alright for a while then the blinds where going up and alot of people were going all in. So I got AK and there was a raise in front of me so I went all in. everybody else folded and buddy that raised called me. He had A5.(A of hearts). The flop came 3 hearts. So....... The turn was a diamand and the river was a heart. Gone.... I was..... Not surprised. In the $3.30 tourny, 1942 people. I went out in 808. This one was a bit more fun. Getting some card. Getting some of the flops. More hands being played. There was 1 guy who was playing alot of hands and playing a bit loose. I limped. In the cut off. K10 Hearts. everybody folded except the big blind. He checked. The flop was K 10 J all clubs. I bet. He min raised. I thought that he was on a draw or he had the nuts. I called. The turn, I bet and he min raised. (the turn was a 6D or something.) O.K. I said. He has the nuts.. So what did I do. Go All in. Why? I don't know why I did that. Anyways. He called, He had A7 clubs. And that was that. Oh well. I had fun. Can't wait until tomorrow . Play newfie poker tour. 6:30ET. (Sunday June 27, 6:30ET) I still kept the password 123456. Should change it I guess. After this one I guess.