It is late and I can't sleep... Might as well play a game. Sit and Go knockout 285966069. 9 players. Shuffle up and deal.......I'm in seat 8. Thats one gone. Not much happening. 2:23. Never had a hand yet. Best hand was 44 and that was it. didn't see a flop even with them... There I turned a set and and one the river buddy (Seat 4) gets a 9 to make a gutter. 4 outer on the river. oh well. not out. 600 chips left and the blinds are 1530. Still have a chance... Just had AA and doubled up. From seat 4 too. got my chips back. 6 people lef now. 2:36. Blinds are up 50100. 800 Chips left. All in or nothing... hanging in there. 1500 chips now 3 in chips. blinds are 75150. Bubble time. 2:55. In the money baby. Well 3rd place. There wasn't much I could do. low on chips and I went all in with AK and seat 9 called me with A10 Spades. guess what. SPADES. turned me dead. oh well. I made, what $2.25. 3:13 AM. Time for bed.