I watched the video PLO25 6 Max with Joe Hachem. This video focuses on the game of Omaha which I have never played so I found the play and commentary very interesting indeed.
After watching the play for a while it became apparent that your starting hands vary greatly from hands that you may normally play when playing a game of Stud poker or Holdem.
As Joe explains in Omaha there is more emphasis on both your starting hand and your position.
When you play Holden you are dealt 2 hole cards and depending on where you sit at the table relative to the button this is the information you start with. When the flop occurs you now have approximately 70% of your information. In Omaha you are starting with 4 hole cards so your combinations have a greater variance.
As I witnessed during the play, a hand of say J J 2 4 is a junk hand whereas a hand of J 10 9 8 even unsuited is considered a monster because you can go up or down. Yet unlike Holdem where A A or K K is considered monster hands, having smaller cards to accompany these guys in Omaha like say 2 3 does not give you a strong hand. Mind you as normal that all depends on the position and the betting.
I can therefore understand why Joe would advise that any beginner of the game should stay with premium hands until they get a better feel for the game, or even for good for that matter as good play dictates a good player. After all, why give your money away?
The same can be said for getting into the habit of folding marginal or ‘speculative’ hands even when you are in a good position like on the button as the money saved can equate to almost as much as money won.
Thanks for the lesson Joe!