Since the publication of a number of books by some poker stars of the past related to hold em tactics there seems to be an increasing amount of people going all-in despite the cards held. For example a starting hand of 5 J offsuit. This is especially seen more in the freeroll tourneys but also in a number of cash games.

The odds of that hand winning is almost non existent at under 1%, it is unlikely to better itself even if either card hits at the flop and as stated will only 1% of the time go on to a winning hand like 4 of a kind or a full house for example. Yes there are exceptions but these are very, very low percentile hit rates. Yet I have seen players go all-in and manage to hit a straight using only the 5 ( 6,7, 9, K, too many times to count.

Worse, it seems that the dealing algorithm used by many sites awards this often ridiculous play? The other night I seen a player in a tourney go all-in 3 times straight with 6 3 off, J 6 off and Q 9 and win all three by a straight. Now come on, although you may say 'well this could be just luck', what are the chances? The math will certainly do your head in, but when you see it time and time again every day often by the same players you have to wonder when this 'luck' is no longer luck but a 'glitch' in the sites software algorithm.

What do you say?