Hi everyone, thanks once again to everyone who supported me with last year's Time Vault challenge. Although I didn't quite achieve all of my goals, 2013 was still by far my best ever year in poker. I think taking on such a challenge & following the plans I'd set for myself really helped me. It gave me the motivation to put more effort into my poker, both on the tables & with training & with that in mind, I've decided to set myself another challenge in 2014.

2014 GOAL: Move up the stakes in 6max NLH Zoom, starting at 2NL, with an aim of being a profitable regular at 25NL 6max Zoom by the end of the year.

I've decided to try & make the switch from full ring to 6max because of the problems I had last year with moving from 5NL to 10NL & because my overall win-rate was pretty low. I hope to be able to increase the win-rate at 6max, as well as move more smoothly up the stakes. Taking on this challenge will give me more time to train & become a better poker player before playing higher stakes regularly.

So, how am I going to do it?

- Regular training, focussing on cash games & Zoom at different stakes.
- Taking more time to review hands & make notes on the opposition, something I should have done more in 2013.
- Focus on 6max Zoom but also play tournaments, including the PSO Premier League
- Follow a bankroll management plan throughout the year.

This is where it starts to get a little more difficult... 2014 is going to be entirely risk-free for me. I'll be starting my challenge with only the $50 that I won in the 2013 Time Vault promo & I will not be adding anything more to it. Yes, PokerSchoolOnline have already paid for my whole year on Pokerstars Thanks very much to everyone at PSO!

Last year I feel I was too nitty with my bankroll. This time round I'm going to look to be more agressive with it, particularly early in the challenge, which hopefully will see me move up the stakes more quickly.



Start at 2NL with $50 (25 buy-ins) - Move to 5NL at $150 (30 buy-ins)
5NL - Move to 10NL at $500 (50 buy-ins), back down to 2NL at $100
10NL - Move to 25NL at $1750 (70 buy-ins), back down to 5NL at $400

In the event of my bankroll falling below $20 (10 buy-ins at 2NL) I'll stop playing Zoom & revert to freerolls & very low buy-in tournaments until I build it back up to $30.


Very simply, I need 100 buy-ins to play any tournament (MTTs & S&G)

The cash guidelines may not be followed exactly as stated, particularly if I end up winning a decent amount in tournaments. I'll be moving up to 5NL at $150 whatever happens but moving up to 10NL & 25NL requires me to show some positive consistancy at the previous stake. If I'm not winning consistanly then I need to train & work on my game until I am.

I will be taking advantage of as many offers & bonuses from Pokerstars as I can throughout the year. However, any deposits made must later be withdrawn & any involvement in staking will be done outside of my bankroll for this challenge. That means I just need to keep track of any such adjustments to my bankroll & later balance it with a deposit or withdrawal.

And that's it I'm not going to over-complicate things like last year & I'm not even going to set myself a bankroll or VPP target. The goal is simply to be a profitable 25NL 6max Zoom regular by the end of the year with only $50 to start with.

I'll be opening a thread in the Challenges & Battlegrounds area of the forum for regular updates.

Thanks for reading