Hi all! With just 1 month remaining in my Time Vault challenge it's time for a review of November & a look at exactly what I need to do in December to meet my overall targets.



This month's graph has a strange shape to it:


Great start for me, bagging $30 in the first 1800 hands but I then went on to lose it all just as quickly. I built it back up though, first slowly & then very quickly in a great spell in the middle of the month. A slow finish followed & I ended the month $79.50 in profit, not bad considering I wasn't running particularly well (finished $17 below All-in EV).

It wasn't all 5NL Zoom this month. I played some 4NL as part of the Zoom Team Online promo & a few hands at 10NL at the end of the month. Here's a summary:

10NL Zoom - +$5.35 (328 hands) = 16.31bb/100 hands
5NL Zoom - +$56.36 (22,007 hands) = 5.12bb/100 hands
4NL Zoom (Team Online promo) - +$18.69 (1034 hands) = 45.19bb/100 hands
8FL Zoom (Team Online promo) - -$0.90 (201 hands) = -11.19bb/100 hands

Multi Table Tournaments

I finished in the top 500 of the PSO Premier League for a nice $20 bonus. The only other significant result came in PL Omaha with 2nd place in the Saturday Weekly 50FPP PLO tourney for $65. Not bad for free & a good sign that the Omaha training I was doing recently is starting to pay off Overall I finished the month $86.13 in profit in MTTs.

Sit & Gos

Played just 8 S&Gs during November & came out with a loss of $4.88



Cash: +$79.50
S&G: -$4.88
MTT: +$86.13
Bonus: +$1.60 (from Team Online Zoom promo)
PCA Sats: -$1.10



JAN: +$106.53
FEB: +$193.12
MAR: +$92.90
APR: +$127.03
MAY: +$129.43
JUN: +$182.28
JUL: +$49.32
AUG: -$14.41
SEP: +$154.47
OCT: +$466.95

NOV: +$161.25

YEARLY PROFIT: +$1648.87

So, what do I need to do in December to meet my overall targets? Considering my online poker playing targets only:


With my bankroll currently standing at $1898.87 I need to make $601.13 in December to achieve the bankroll target I set myself at the beginning of the year. That looks unlikely but it's still possible & I wont give up until the end.


After making Silverstar again in November I now find myself on 4959 VPPs leaving just 41 more to make in December So, making this target is now an absolute certainty. The $50 I'll receive will help towards the bankroll target too

In December I'll continue to focus on MTTs as they are my only realistic hope of meeting my bankroll targets. I'll put plenty of effort into the PSO Premier League - a risk-free chance to build that bankroll. I'll play a fair bit of Zoom too, whatever is required to maintain my Silverstar status.

Thanks again for reading. I wish you all good luck, particularly if you're coming to end of your own Time Vault challenge.