Hi everyone. Things are going fine for me on the tables this month but I'm running quite a way behind my overall bankroll target. My only real chance now is a big MTT cash but after failing to cash in the Micro Millions Main Event the opportunities are drying up.

I'm around $125 up for the month though which includes $70 profit in 5NL Zoom. Here's my graph:


After a slow start I had a really nice run which now seems to have ended. Here's a few hands from that positive run:

HAND 1 : AKs

A great hand to 3-bet with pre-flop. It's a good flop for me too, neither of the villains are likely to have a 6 & hands I'm dominating like AQ & AJ (which are very

likely) are going to struggle to get away from it. Time for some value betting:

HAND 2 : Pocket 9s

Pre-flop with 99 on the button & facing an UTG raise - I'm always calling here. Another great flop for me, hitting top set. There's a possible straight draw on the board though so it's not a good time to slow-play. Perfect turn & I win another nice pot.

HAND 3 : 97s

Nice had to put in a raise with when it's folded to me on the button. I usually raise to 12c on the button & 15c (3x) from other positions. With 97s I don't mind getting called. I flop a straight-flush draw, a good spot for some semi-bluffing with a C-bet & bet on the turn.

It wouldn't have been nice to get check-raised on the river here with the possible bigger flush. For that reason I'd have considered check-calling (particularly vs. an aggressive opponent, more likely to bet again vs. loose-passive calling station types) on the river here if I were out of position - you can always catch a bluff that way (or an over-pair thinking they're good).

HAND 4 : A4s

I'm usually folding these weak Aces pre-flop to any raise but with so many players in the hand I felt like calling on this occasion - I would have folded here with A4o. It's a really poor flop for me but after everyone checks on the flop & turn I decided to take a stab at the pot but get called

Another K on the river & he checks... Do I give up now or make a final bluff on the river? He's unlikely to have a K, but AT, QQ & JJ are all possibilities (with which I'd expect a call as it looks unlikely that I'd have a K here having checked the flop in position). However, considering the way he'd played the hand I felt it was most likely he had the ace of spades & would probably have me beat only with a better kicker (AQ, AJ). If he showed me a hand like that I'd be kicking myself for not being able to find a bluff. He may also fold a hand like 99 here too...


Outside Poker things are going fine for me too Me & my partner are getting married soon & we're looking forward to getting a dog when we get back. We're also wanting to start a family soon too. That's going to mean I'll have a lot less time to play poker so I don't expect to be setting myself any goals in 2014 (other than training/development to become a better poker player).

Thanks for reading. Next update will be a November review next week.