Hi all, over the summer months I fell far behind the overall targets for my Time Vault challenge so I really needed to get things back on track in October. I'd decided to focus my playing time & training time on MTTs as that's now my only realistic chance of reaching my bankroll target of $2500 by the end of the year. I'd back this up with some 5NL Zoom to help fund my MTTs & to enable me to make SilverStar once again.

Multi Table Tournaments

During October I played almost 100 MTTs, including 16 Premier League Qualifiers. My profit in these came to a total of $441.58, more than double what I've made in any month this year so far. $322.61 of that came in the 800 Million Carnival tourney ($324.52 cash minus the $1.91 I spent qualifying) which you can read about in my last blog entry.

My results in the PSO Premier League Qualifiers were good enough to put me back into the Premier League next month so that's obviously going to be something to focus on in November.

So, overall it's been a great month for me in MTTs & I'm feeling really happy & confident about my MTT game going into next month. You see plenty of poor players in micro & low stakes MTTs so I definitely have a good overall edge over the opposition. The Premier League will be a lot tougher though, with a much higher proportion of good players.

Sit & Gos

After not playing any S&Gs last month I decided to try & get back into them this month during the Golden S&G promo. I played 30 of them, didn't have a sniff of a Golden S&G once again & ended up losing $21.55 which is really disappointing. Better to give them a miss for the rest of the year.

Cash Poker

After a tough start I had a decent run in the middle of the month before hitting a downswing. The last couple of days were good though, including a profitable session of 4NL 6max Zoom which I played as part of the Team Online promo. That felt good so maybe I'll have a look at playing some 6max Zoom next year, perhaps setting myself another challenge Here's my graph for the month:


Luck really hasn't been with me in Zoom this month so overall I'm pleased with the $35.52 profit. I've also just received another $2.40 for the 24c I took from xflixx (i think...) during a losing full ring 4NL Zoom session. That's $37.92 total.

Bankroll Summary


Cash: +$37.92
S&G: -$21.55
MTT: +$441.58
Bonus: +$11.20
PCA Sats: -$2.20



JAN: +$106.53
FEB: +$193.12
MAR: +$92.90
APR: +$127.03
MAY: +$129.43
JUN: +$182.28
JUL: +$49.32
AUG: -$14.41
SEP: +$154.47

OCT: +$466.95

YEARLY PROFIT: +$1487.62

Time to take a look back at the targets I set for myself at the start of the year to see how I'm getting along

1) BUILD MY BANKROLL FROM $250 to $2500

With 2 months remaining I need to make a further $762.38 to make my overall target. Despite having such a good month in October I'm still running well behind. The most I can hope to make in cash poker is around $200 so I'm going to need some more deep runs in MTTs if I'm going to get there.


I've certainly not done 2 hours of training every single week but I'm still happy with the training I have done & I feel I'm a better poker player than I was at the start of year. The recent focus on MTT training seems to be paying off.


I probably haven't done enough of this in terms of looking back at hands I've played & working out the things I'm doing wrong. I should probably start posting hands for analysis on PSO too... However, I have recognised some specific leaks (ie. playing too many hands from early position in Cash, playing different stack sizes in MTTs, recognising when I'm behind in a hand & then folding) & sorted them out.


Sorted I'm spending this weekend walking & drinking in the Peak District with some friends. I'm also currently training towards a 50 mile walking challenge called the Lakeland 50 which I'm doing in July.

I've done plenty of similar things in the past but I think this is going to be the toughest. The next part of my training is a marathon in the hills of the Peak District on November 9th. So, as well as keeping my head fresh by doing things outside poker I'm also keeping myself fit.

5) EARN 5000VPPs

I'm well on target with this, needing just 532 more VPPs to reach the magic total of 5000 which will earn me a $50 bonus. That's going to help me with making my bankroll target too


My last 3 trips to the casino lead to a tournament win, a final table & bubbling the final table after losing with QQ vs 99 all-in pre-flop. During the first half of the year I was feeling nervous playing live & that was stopping me from playing the same game as I do online. Now I feel confident & I'm really happy with my play in those recent tournaments. Unfortunately for me the tournament I was attending regularly on Sundays has stopped running so I need to look elsewhere now. I'll be travelling to Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham as often as I can & doing my best to qualify for UKIPT events from now on.


My plan for November is very similar to October. Play plenty of MTTs (including Micro Millions & the PSO Poker Wars series), have a good month in the PSO Premier League & make Silverstar again by playing around 20K hands of 5NL Zoom.

Thanks for reading & good luck to you all, unless you're playing against me