Hi everyone, after recording my first losing month of the year in August it was time to turn things around & get my Time Vault challenge back on track in September. I decided to abandon my attempts to move up the stakes & stick to the things which have consistantly worked for me over the year - 5NL Zoom & micro/low stakes MTTs (+ freerolls). I work 4 nights a week (Tue-Fri) on 10 hour shifts so on those days I don't have time to play MTTs. Instead I played 1-2hr sessions of 5NL Zoom every working day (2 tabelling), one session before work & one after. I've seen plenty of advice on PSO & elsewhere recommending that you don't play poker when tired but for me the sessions after work, right before going to bed, turned out to be the most successful & I found myself eager to get home from work each night to get started. Those sessions of Zoom were earning me over 100VPPs a week, perfect to help me towards Silverstar without playing any 10NL at all. Here's my graph for the month:


Overall, a really nice looking graph There always seems to be some sort of downswing every month but this time I managed to keep it under control & quickly turn things back around, finishing the month $107.27 in profit, my second most successful month in cash poker this year & welcome relief after last month's struggle. It was also nice to finish +EV for the first time in a while! If you haven't seen it yet, take a look a my last blog: Adventures in 5NL Zoom: Using a HUD.

Having earnt the bulk of my VPPs during my working week that left me the whole weekend (Sat, Sun & Mon) to have fun, keep myself fit & concentrate my poker time on MTTs I love playing MTTs & doubt I'll ever get bored of them. I've also focussed the majority of my training on MTTs recently & I feel my game is really improving. I still need to work on bubble & ITM play quite a bit more but things are moving along nicely & I'm getting myself into good positions more often. Unfortunately in September I wasn't able to make the most of those opportunities but I still recorded a decent profit for the month of $37.20.

After my unsuccessful 18man S&G challenge in August I didn't really feel like playing S&Gs in September & got through the whole month without playing a single one. Here's my bankroll summary:


Cash: +$107.27
S&G: N/A
MTT: +$37.20
Bonus: +$10.00

TOTAL: +$154.47

END BANKROLL: $1270.67

JAN: +$106.53
FEB: +$193.12
MAR: +$92.90
APR: +$127.03
MAY: +$129.43
JUN: +$182.28
JUL: +$49.32
AUG: -$14.41

SEP: +$154.47

So, after the worst 2 months of the year so far I'm back with one of my best This month also took me past $1000 profit for the year which sounds nice! $1250 was also the next target I set for myself at the start of the year but none of that is important now after deciding to stick to the lower stakes games.

I've recently withdrawn $1000 from my Pokerstars account but will still count that as part of my bankroll for the benefit of this challenge until the end of the year. Unfortunately though my overall Time Vault target of $2500 now seems out of reach with only 3 months left & a further $1229.33 to make. But you never know... a big MTT win could be just around the corner

My plans for October are very much the same as for September - keep 2 tabelling 5NL Zoom during the days I'm working & play some long MTT sessions during the weekends. I'm hoping to play 19 events during PSO's 'The Fall Classic' too, I doubt it'll be enough to challenge in the leaderboard but that's unfortunately all I can make due to work.

I'm also going to have a crack at qualifying back into the PSO Premier League. I've had a break from the leagues & I feel ready to get back into things now. I'll play at least 10 Premier League Qualifiers, probably more depending on how things are going towards the end of the month.

Thanks for reading