Imagine how it feels to have been an unsucessful poker player for much of the past 10 years & then, after joining PokerSchoolOnline, suddenly becoming consistantly profitable over what has now been 7 consecutive months!

It feels amazing of course, but somehow I can't get the thought out of my head that at some stage it's all going to go wrong & my fishy past will come back to haunt me. It's got to happen sometime, right?

And at the beginning of May it very nearly did...

I transferred some funds to Full Tilt to work on clearing another $8 of my deposit bonus before it expired but was disappointed to find no full-ring Rush available at either 5NL or 10NL. I turned to the regular cash tables & had 2 of my worst sessions to date back-to-back. Everything was going wrong... I couldn't hit a flop to save my life & when I did a villain hit it harder. I made trip Kings on the turn, put in a nice big bet & got called by an opponent chasing an unlikely inside straight draw which of course, he hits on the river. I get dealt two lovely black Aces! whoohoo! The flop comes 9 diamonds 10 diamonds J diamonds. Oh dear... everything went wrong.

500 hands later & I'm down $38. At the same time I'm struggling in tournaments over on Pokerstars & on May 4th I found myself $60 down for the month! At that rate all of my winnings for the year would be gone by the end of the month!

But then, just as quickly, I managed to win it all back playing 10NL Zoom! Eventually though, I decided that playing 10NL wasn't really working out, too many ups & down & no real consistancy. I decided to move back to 5NL Zoom but try running 2 tables. I found 2 tabelling to be absolutely fine - I could give full concentration to both tables & the results were excellent, perhaps better than 1 tabelling 5NL Zoom. The profits just came rolling in

So, after the awful start May turned out to be the most profitable month so far for me on the cash tables! Breaking it down:

10NL Regular: -$37.97 (-72.32 bb/100 hands)
10NL Zoom: +$22.88 (6.29 bb/100 hands)
5NL Zoom: +$93.72 (11.42 bb/100 hands)

TOTAL: +$78.63 (8.38 bb/100 hands)

Following this month's success with 2 tabelling 5NL Zoom I'm going to be continuing that into June & not looking at moving up until I reach my next bankroll building target of $1000 (which hopefully shouldn't be far down the line). At that point I'll look at moving up once again but will try to do it gradually by having 1 5NL & 1 10NL table open at the same time. Hopefully that will steady things & help make the move up a little smoother.

May was an unspectacular month for me in S&Gs & MTTs, making a very small profit in each. The only notable result being cashing for $20 in the PSO Premier Skill League after seemingly being down-and-out in 1200th place in the leaderboard with just 3 days to go. I gained points in 4 of my last 5 tournaments to finish 369th.

Here's a bankroll update for May:


Cash: $78.63 profit
S&G: $8.38 profit
MTT: $24.42 profit
Bonus: $18 profit ($10 Stellar Reward, $8 Full Tilt deposit bonus)


JAN: +$106.53
FEB: +$193.12
MAR: +$92.90
APR: +$127.03
MAY: +$129.43

My second best month so far & once again profiting in all 3 formats of poker (cash, S&G & MTT) for the 5th month running - 15/15 Can't complain!

I made SilverStar once again so I'm well on track for my year-end goal of 5000VPPs for a $50 bonus.

I definitely need to train more in June & do more hand analysis in HEM2 to look for leaks in my game - I really haven't done enough of that over the last month, spending most of my training time on Omaha

I've managed to take some nice poker-free breaks over the last month, getting out into the mountains with friends a couple of times & going out with my partner, Anna on a few occasions. I'm feeling fitter than last month From June 8th I'll have a full weeks poker-free holiday in Lanzarote! I can't wait! I'm still going to be training a little though as I'll be taking "Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time" Volumes 1 & 2 with me to get myself a little more training on MTTs while I'm relaxing on the beach or by the pool

I mentioned in my last blog that I might try a S&G mini-challenge during June. It seems that as part of the Pokerstars 100 Billion hand celebration there's a golden S&G promo running from 17th to 23rd June

The perfect opportunity for me to get off to the best start with Pokerstars offering , 4x & 10x prize pools (+buy-ins for all players) on selected S&Gs! I may decide to start at the $3.50 level in the hope of making some money from the promo. I'll probably then move back to Zoom the following week to take part in the Zoom & Boom promo which runs from 24th to 30th June & offers 100bb bonus for winning a pot with the chosen hand.

I'll decide where to go in July based on how things go for me this month (Zoom vs S&G).

Thanks for reading! Good luck to you all!