Hi everyone,

Things haven't gone so well for me on the tables so far this month, I failed to cash in the 4 SCOOP events I played & have had a terrible run of cards in the PSO Premier League which I'm almost certain will see me lose my place in the league at the end of the month

I got off to an awful start on the cash tables too, losing $42 in the first 1000 hands but I've managed to pull things together nicely on Zoom More about that in my May review later this week.

With things not going to plan I've been thinking more about what I can do to improve myself as a poker player. More training is the obvious answer & I'm working on that all the time but I'm thinking more about the suggestion made by holdemace486 in my challenge thread on the forum. Holdemace noticed that I'm switching games all the time from cash to S&Gs to MTTs & recommended that I generally stick to one particular format of poker & try to establish myself as a regular there. To quote:

"Your chosen format as your trunk, your chances as your branches. Do not become a Jack of all trades, and a master of none."


I think that's something I definitely need to consider & it really got me thinking... if I were to focus 80-90% of my attention on one particular format of poker what would it be? In the end I realised I already am a jack of all trades & a master of none... Let's take a look:

CASH: I've played 70,000 hands of 5NL Zoom this year & made a fairly consistant profit which works out at 7.5bb/100 hands. This month I've started 2-tabelling 5NL Zoom which has made it a lot easier to earn the VPPs I need to maintain Silverstar & make my 5000VPP target for the year. Having 2 tables open hasn't had a negative impact on my results - my rate so far is 10.5bb/100 hands (13k hands). However, over the last couple of months I've been trying to move up to 10NL Zoom but can't seem to get things going. If I'm going to build my bankroll to $2500 by the end of the year sucessfully moving up the stakes is essential!

For example... I'm playing around 15k hands of Zoom a month. Focussing on Zoom I could probably increase this to 40k a month. There are 7 months remaining = 280,000 hands which at an estimated rate of 7.5bb/100 hands = $1050 profit. That would put me on around $1900 by the end of the year...

S&Gs: At the start of the year S&Gs would have been the obvious choice for me as this was the only format I could generally make a profit at but with my recent consistant results in Zoom this is no longer the case & I don't consider myself to be a particularly good S&G player anyway. In terms of variance, VPPs & time-requirements S&Gs are somewhere between Cash & MTTs but can I still make SilverStar playing them?? At the $1.50 & $3.50 levels (where I'd have to start) I'd want to play 100 a week (giving me the required VPPs & a weekly shot at the high-orbit leaderboard) which would require me to increase the number of tables I'm playing from 2 to 3 or 4. Suppose an average 18man Turbo (my chosen game) takes 30 minutes to play... (they take longer of course, but I'm adjusting for the times I bust earlier)

2 tabelling = 25 hours a week
3 tabelling = 17.7 hours a week
4 tabelling = 12.5 hours a week

I couldn't play for 25 hours but 12.5 or possibly 17.7 may be achievable... the problem is, would I still be able to follow the games so well & play my best game with 3 or 4 tables open? That's something I need to try out & work on.

MTTs: I play poker for fun & I struggle to imagine playing Cash or STTs as a regular & still managing to enjoy the game as much as I do now. However, I love MTTs, they're fun & exciting & I could definitely play them regularly, even exclusively. Also, it'd only take 1 or 2 big wins to make my bankroll building target. However, entering an MTT requires that you have several hours of free time ahead, something I only get a couple of days a week. Also, VPPs come very slowly playing micro & low stakes MTTs. I also feel that MTTs are my weakest form of poker at the moment, despite having made a profit on them every month this year.

Therefore, I think it's best to play MTTs ocassionally (my "branches")alongside my "trunk" which should be either cash or S&Gs.

I have a poker-free weeks holiday starting on 8th June so my plan (assuming I'm out of the PSO Premier League) is to concentrate on 5NL Zoom for the first week in June to build up my VPPs. After the holiday I'm going to set myself a mini-challenge of playing 100 18man Turbos in a week. I'll start at the $1.50 level playing 3 tables with a separate bankroll of $75 (50 buy-ins). If things go well I'll repeat it the week after & continue until I build the mini-bankroll to 50 buy-ins at the $3.50 level ($175) at which point I'll move up. If things don't go well then I'll have to accept that Zoom is my main game & train harder to move myself up to 10NL.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Check out my challenge thread on the forum where I'll be posting results & hands from my 18man Turbo mini-challenge

See you all soon!