Quick update for April. My main Time Vault goal of building my bankroll from $250 to $2500 is going fairly well. I got off the the perfect start in April, hitting my second target of $750 quickly after making over $100 in the first week. After that I decided to switch from 5NL to 10NL Zoom but I found life tough at the new stakes hitting a $55 downswing. I built it back up fairly quickly but a couple more downswings followed leaving me with a rollercoaster graph for the month.

It's obvious that the ups & downs will be bigger at the higher stakes but I think this graph shows that my cash game needs a lot of work if I'm going to make 10NL Zoom my regular game. There are still plenty of poor players but the regulars are better & more numerous & you find yourself in so many more tough spots.

Overall I made $43.83 in Cash poker in April (+$76.89 in 5NL Zoom, -$33.06 in 10NL Zoom).

Considering those results it may be worth thinking about 2-tabelling 5NL Zoom as an alternative to moving up the stakes. However, all of my worst luck seemed to be at 10NL this month so I think it's best to stick at it while also watching any Zoom training videos I can find, especially those about moving up the stakes.

April was a profitable but unspectacular month for me in tournaments, the highlight being cashing in the Sunday Storm 2nd Anniversary.

Here's a bankroll update for April:


Cash: $43.83 profit
S&G: $12.28 profit
MTT: $25.92 profit
Bonus: $45 profit (including a $25 Full Tilt Take 2 Bonus)


JAN: +$106.53
FEB: +$193.12
MAR: +$92.90
APR: +$127.03

The first 2 months went totally to plan for me but things have now slowed down a little & I'm running behind my target. However, I'm still really happy with things overall. In the past 6-8 months I've transformed myself from a losing player into a consistant winner. One of the biggest positives I can see is that I've made a profit in all 3 game types (cash, S&G, MTT) every month so far. That's 12/12

I also made Silverstar for the second month running which puts me on target for my yearly goal of 5000VPPs.

I fell behind in April with training though & I really need to pick that back up in May. Sometimes you just need to refresh things in your mind to play your best poker. I also have a $55 SCOOP ticket to use in May & I'm going to be playing Event 39-L PL Omaha (6max) as it's the only $55 event I can make. I don't have much Omaha experience so I'm going to get plenty of Omaha training & practice before the event. Hopefully I can qualify for some of the NLH events too.

Taking breaks from poker also help me to stay fresh & I haven't done enough of that lately. I'm feeling quite unfit so I need to be getting myself out hiking more often now the weather is better. I have a weeks holiday with my partner in Lanzarote in June which is going to be completely poker free!

I played just one live poker tournament in April & finished 18th/70+ (10 paid) & got really unlucky in my bustout hand. I feel I played well but I don't seem to have the same confidence as when I'm playing online which results in me playing more passively.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone elses Time Vault challenges are going well too